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I believe creative endeavors are the most successful when they are collective efforts. My services, therefore, are highly individualized and are sensitive to the needs of my clients. Additionally, this is aided through my use of black and white film as well as digital format. Film is great for fine art prints and family heirlooms while digital is great for its speed, use on the web, and affordability. I use professional-grade cameras only to ensure the highest quality photographs.

With my life style, portrait, human form, still life, abstract, event, architecture, landscape, and wanderlust galleries, my multiple and varied interests endow me with a unique versatility. Although I engage in differing subject matter, I continually concern myself with the interplay and visually appealing capacity of texture, value, and form in all of my work.

I am based in the metropolitan Washington DC area but my availability to travel within the US or abroad is not constricted. In fact, I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to explore various environments.

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